Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Silhouette Girl's First Giveaway! - Winner

So, my computer has been malfunctioning since Sunday, but it is back! Such a relief... I've been having mini-anxiety attacks over the giveaway winner. That makes me a nerd, right?

Well, I'm now back to announce the winner - Maggie from lifesize paperdoll!

I used to generate a random number... my Stat teacher would probably advise against using computer generators, but I'm out of school! Wooh, it's summer!

xox Catherine

PS I haven't taken photos of any outfits during my short absence - I've been dressing comfy. Expect a post tomorrow since I'm going to attend my sister's graduation.


  1. eeee I'm SO excited :) perfect for dorm shopping!

    thank youuu!

  2. congrats to my bud miggles! :DD and congrats to you for finishing junior year! we gon' be seniors man!!! woot!

    erin :)


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