Thursday, June 24, 2010

Return and an offer

Just a quick post sorta recapping my mini-vacation... laying on the beach, rollercoasters, walking on the Guido-filled boardwalk, playing with my camera while waiting for my sister to get piercings, etc. I have plenty more photos from the trip, but to protect the anonymity of friends and to prevent certain judgments, they won't be posted.

xox Catherine

PS has been kind enough to offer a 15% off discount code for my readers! The code is: SILHOUETTE and it lasts until July 23. If I weren't broke the whole store would be mine.


  1. great pictures! i wish i went on vacation with you. haha. thanks for sharing! :)

    erin :)

  2. Your swimsuit top is cute!!

    I can't get enough of rollercoasters.

  3. wildwood? beautiful pics!


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