Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rainy daze

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Ideeli Forever21 Doc+Martens
Necklace - made by me, shirt - Olive and Olivia via Ideeli, skirt - Forever 21, fork bracelet - antique Tiffany and Co., cuff - grandma's, boots - Doc Martens

Nevermind this sole awkward photo of me... it's raining and cold here. 66 degree weather in June? Ludicrous. Luckily, the sun/warmth is returning tomorrow so I'll be able to wear whatever I want, which lately happens to be skirts and tshirts. I'm unsure about my plans for tomorrow, but today has tired me out - school+callbacks for the variety show thing (which I'm not too confident about) resulted in the desire to take a nap, so naturally, I did.

I want to get more creative with my "photography," if you'd like to call it that. I want lessons in composition and basic camera functions - f-stop? Aperture? I'm clueless. Basically - anyone have any tips you'd be kind enough to share?

That is all for now, xox Catherine


  1. I love this look! Such a fabulous outfit.

  2. i love your shirt!! i really need to find myself some oversized shirts asap. and i love your boots!! i have been want Doc Martens for ages i write about that all of the time lol. really cute outfit!!

  3. I want to get more creative with my photography too, it's kind of hard though, because I'm just working with a self timer, so I can't get cool angles usually.


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