Friday, June 4, 2010


Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Tshirt - old, bracelets - antique/flea market/grandma, belt - thrifted, dress (worn as skirt) - H&M, shoes - Dolce Vita

I feel like this is something I would wear while walking around in the city during summer. Basically, I can't stop thinking of summer. Fortunately, I have no more than seven days left!

Tomorrow is going to be very busy - SATs in the morning, followed by two graduation parties. One of them is near the vintage store I went to Tuesday, and I'm dying to go back... but I'll refrain, most likely.

I planned to catch up on reading blogs and commenting all of you back, but instead I took a nap. Probably not good for my sleep tonight... but it was necessary.

Hope you're all well, and in case I don't have the opportunity to post, have a nice weekend! xox Catherine

PS I've been tagged by Maggie at lifesize paperdoll to answer these questions, write 8 more, and tag 8 bloggers. So here it is!

1) What is your favorite month of the year?
I really love May - it's just so good. The weather is awesome, and it hasn't gotten to that point of bleak going-nowhere summer. It's my fresh air.

2) What is your favorite physical feature about yourself?
I don't have one in particular, though I'm pretty content with my appearance... as of late, I like my arms/shoulders. It changes frequently, but I've been fond of them recently.

3) Music or movies?
Music - I have difficulty watching movies and paying full attention. While I love visual stimulation that movies offer, there's something so mood-changing about music that's too powerful to ignore/not enjoy.

4) Favorite Disney princess?
I've always been partial to Belle from Beauty and the Beast... probably because my sister was the blonde Cinderella, and I'm brunette, so naturally, I "was" Belle.

5) What has surprised you this year, this month, and today?
I'll answer these three separately. This year, I've been surprised at myself and how I've been able to let some of my walls down. It's not necessarily that I've gotten very close to many people, but in general, my personality is more free. This month, I've been delightfully surprised to discover that fun comes in all shapes, with different people. As for today - I'm surprised I woke up on time. Guilty of waking up late pretty much everyday this week! Oops.

6) Do you believe in the phrase: once a cheater, always a cheater?
Honestly, I have no idea. I think that even if someone changes his or her ways, there are still traits that linger. I've never been cheated on, let alone been in a relationship of any sort (I'm in high school!)... so I don't know that I can answer.

7) Favorite item in your closet?
It's very difficult to decide - I have a few lovely vintage pieces my aunt gave me, but aren't very appropriate for everyday wear. Besides that, I love wearing the tie-dye bodice dress I bought last summer - it's been crossing my mind lately, so I'll probably wear it again soon. It's just so cool!

8) Greatest accomplishment?
All of my "great accomplishments" are relative. I'm very hard on myself, so I'm reluctant to give myself praise. I end up being pretty proud when I complete some sort of art/craft project - my metal pendant, articles of clothing, ceramic pieces, etc. I really don't get any pleasure out of doing well in school.

My questions:
1) What is your favorite city?
2) What did you do today?
3) What article of clothing would you wear everyday if you could?
4) What is your favorite way to spend your time?
5) Do you have any special talents?

And I tag... YOU!


  1. Oh, God D: I love that skirt with the t-shirt :)! I seriously love your style!

  2. So here's why I'm completely in love with your outfit: That skirt is amazing. I love the print and colors. I love band shirts. I love how the band shirt looks with that skirt. Something about it is just so amazing. I've already expressed my love of those shoes. They are perfect for summer. Actually, this whole outfit is! I probably sound like a super fan girl right now but I really love this outfit.

    Good luck on your SATs tomorrow!!

  3. this is something i'd totally wear myself. it's my go-to outfit this summer. a graphic tee, some cotton skirt, belt and some fun sandals!! awesome look dear!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. You are just toooo cool. Really!! I tell you this all the time but I am just in awe of your "cool" factor :)

    Thank you for answering my questions!! I am seriously getting the biggest kick out of this! Your answers fascinated me! May is MY all time favorite month of the year too! I just love the temperature, I love that the school year is ending and everyone is in good spirits because of it, and I love the flowers. It's just the perfect month. Also, about what you said about changing in the past year, I've totally done the same thing. So many "walls" have come down. Like last year, I would have neverrr started a blog!

  5. good luck on your SATs tomorrow! i remember taking them last year - ohmygod STRESS! i love that skirt... the print is AMAZING.

  6. this outfit is so cute and rocker! love how you combine things.

  7. Ouuuhhh the skirt! So pretty:) Such a great outfit! My favorite month is May as well! I tagged you with some questions:) Check out my blog for more details!

  8. oh! i know exactly where marple/newtown is. i have some friends that live up that way. did you happen to take the SATs at upper darby high school today? i could have sworn i saw someone who looked just like you! sorry if this is probably like really creepy hahaha

  9. good luck on your SATs!i really love your outfit it is cool with like a rocker egde. THe print on your dress/skirt is so awesome! I just found your blog but i am so following i hope you have a good weekend!

  10. Nice post, like it.... keep blogging.

  11. g'luck on your sats! :) i took the sat subject tests too! and man they were hard. for math 2, i definitely skipped like 10 cuz i had no clue how to solve them, and i'm not that bad at math. :/ how were they for you?

    and to reply to your college thoughts. RISD, NYU and Pratt are awesome schools! are you thinkin' design/fashion? i grew up in NJ close to NY, so i'm def going back east. seattle is nice, but just not the same. i'm thinkin' NYU, Boston College, Northwestern (i'm not sure about chicago though, i've never been...) Columbia (probably my #1/dream school) and maybe Emerson. :) i want to study communications, but i have no clue. i just want to be immersed in the city and have a lot of opportunities to expand. :)

    and i haven't visited your blog in a while, so i totally commented on your last 5 ish posts, they're all awesome. :D

    wow this is a long comment,
    erin :)

  12. that tee is awesome! and that skirt loooks so good with it!


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