Sunday, April 11, 2010

New York and misc.

I feel like I really built up my photos from NYC... but there's actually no landmarks/anything of the sort that indicate these are in New York. My sister and I wandered down to Greenwich Village/SoHo and found these cute little gardens along the way.

Cardigan - H&M, dress - ModCloth, shoes - Keds, bracelet - Ideeli, bag - Deux Lux

My sister bought me this dress for my birthday. It wasn't even on my wishlist (which is embarrassingly long), but she nailed it. And believe me, I'm incredibly difficult to shop for.

We generally have very different taste in clothing, but we do share pieces occasionally because it's rather difficult not to. However, we both love antique jewelry - while walking around the city we pretty much have to whisk ourselves away from antique malls. Please note her fabulous bracelets:

For dinner, I wanted to go to Red Bamboo but there wasn't enough seating, so we went to the Vegetarian's Paradise. Only in New York can I seem to find two vegetarian restaurants in a single block.

Last week I took a walk after school - my outfit was lackluster, but the weather was incredible. So naturally, right after I stepped out of the car from ceramics, I grabbed my camera and took a walk. I'm just kidding, I've never done that before. Until then.

There was a cool hippie van complete with tree air freshener:

And red tulips on a neighbor's lawn:

I love red tulips and the way the sunlight shines through them.

Hope your weekend was nice! xox Catherine

PS I'm stuck between a pair of 70's inspired platform wedge sandals and a skirt inspired by Alexander McQueen S/S 2010. Such a hard decision.

PPS I'm finalizing my application for a scholarship to a summer program at a semi-local university... I really hope it all works out and that my ceramic hand/tree hybrid didn't explode in the kiln because I need to snap a photo of it for my portfolio.


  1. Oh, Red Bamboo is one of my fave restaurants! Definitely try going there next time! But yes, Vegetarian paradise (2) is great also.

    If you ever want to venture out to Brooklyn, you should try V spot.. and call me.

  2. The tulips are gorgeous! I love your bag and your cardigan. The colors work so well together :]

  3. we'd know if there were more taxis in the photos, :)

    those mean you are in nyc ... you look great!


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