Thursday, February 18, 2010

NYC Part 1: 2/12 to 2/13 - Chictopia10 conference and after party

Day 1: 2/12/2010

Only photo I have from the day, which consisted of lounging around and reading magazines then deciding to leave my hotel room to go on a journey since there were so many pieces in the magazines that specified were available in "NYC."

I didn't go shopping... instead I took the subway down to Greenwich Village (I believe) to go to the vegetarian restaurant Red Bamboo. I definitely would have taken some photos, but I didn't take my camera.

After I arrived back at the hotel, I waited around until we all met in the lobby for our orientation. It was kind of surreal - seeing "computer people" in one room! Any bit of nervousness I had disappeared once I talked to everyone - they were all so sweet!

Day 2: 2/13/2010
I started the day by going to a diner to get breakfast with Annie and Pauline, which was followed by me running back into my hotel room to get changed for the conference. So we all headed over to the conference together...

Above: Lydia, Pauline, and Brittany; Below: Annie and Lydia

Above: Taghrid, Liz from Late Afternoon, and Danny from Igor+Andre (I developed a crush on him! He's so cute!)
Below: Rebecca from the Clothes Horse and Judy Alridge from Atlantis Home

Above: Annie while taking her outfit photo; Below: Jasmine (the first prize winner!)

Above: the crowd at the event!

Models from JCheikh... all of the clothes were so wonderful, not to mention the gorgeous models.

Alexandra Greco (below) and her model (above). Her designs were so pretty - I'll definitely keep an eye on her!

Alyssa Nicole from Alyssa Bird... she was so cute and I fell in love with the dress her model was wearing! Another designer I'll make sure I watch!

Above: 41 Greenwich Ave; Below: a few shots from the party (I didn't get that many good ones, though I'm sure my flash did blind a few people... sorry!)


  1. I just found your blog from Rebbecca at the clothes horse, and I wish I had found it sooner! You blog is so fun and you are so cute!! NYC looks like it was a blast :)

  2. hey catherine!! it was so nice to meet you in new york! mind if i snag a few photos? (and credit you of course)

  3. i lovee the candids! how nice will be to meet all the amazing chictopians and bloggers! I hope we can do an encounter soon in the future. Oh and i love the 2nd pic with the models, the guy in the velvet (it looks like) burgundy? or red tuxedo, he's gorgeous i want a boyfriend like that lol.

    Anyways i'm audrey from chictopia just stepping here to say hi!

  4. I stole some of your photos, too! It was super fun meeting you, and I hope we meet again soon. Annie.


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