Sunday, February 7, 2010

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I really hope this won't count as my big celebratory 1 year post. But frankly, today was boring - spent time on the computer, ate, took a nap, etc. Nothing too exciting... but I feel that the foot and a half of snow has something to do with that. I'm inexplicably excited for NYC, to meet other bloggers, to have a good time, to go shopping, etc. It's probably all I'll talk about for the next week, but that's how I am.

I remember last year... what I did on this day. I went to Target with my aunt, wearing an American Apparel zip up hoodie with a vneck, jeans, and Converses. I'm not saying I'd never wear that now - I wear that hoodie every once in a while, but I just don't post on those days. So, what all has happened in the past year (that's relevant/somewhat relevant to my blog)?

- my shoe collection has grown
- I've developed an addiction to antique jewelry
- I found a job
- I've stepped out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion
- I now have fifty followers on here, which isn't that much in comparison to others, I guess, but it still blows my mind that even one person would have interest in following my blog
- my Nikon D40 has become a new friend
- I've made more friends
- skirts have become a part of my wardrobe
- I've found other blogs that I adore
- I've made connections.

I'll reiterate - I don't want this to be my one year anniversary post! I'm very sentimental, so I'm trying to brainstorm some cool ideas.

But until later,

xox Catherine

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  1. You've definitely got a follower in me. I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I've been loyally reading ever since. I've totally stolen a few ideas... :)


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