Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Will

Have a picnic this spring.

silhouette girl picnic white dress hat

Image: Tumblr

Not going to lie, my blog has become more "popular" in the last couple of days thanks to being around on photos from the Chictopia10 event. Even though I've been blogging for over a year now, I feel like I'm just starting to learn about aspects beyond posting. I write, yeah. But besides that?

Ah, I suppose that sounds negative. I don't mean to be, despite that I have been a little down lately. The combination of never-ending winter, getting fired from my job, and just life in general have been affecting me. But fear not.

I've been on the computer nonstop lately. It's just something I'm getting really excited about - to the point where I'm writing about my plans in my paper journal that's for my eyes only. Sometimes I do question the validity of blogging, but you know, it is valid. The whole argument between editors vs. bloggers actually makes it seem ironically more valid to me. And despite the time I've spent in the computer chair, I haven't managed to respond to each and every comment, and I feel bad. I don't get that many comments, but it's just difficult to reply on blogger's setup.

Anyway. I have an overload of various tumblr photos saved onto my computer... all of which I forget where precisely they came from. I'm thinking I'll try to redesign my blog layout soon and incorporate some inspirational photos. It's so funny to think I used to know HTML better than I do now - back in fifth grade, I actually had quite a knack for it.

Anyway, some personal/blogging plans for the near future include:
-new blog layout
-applying for jobs at more places
-thinking up features and other ways to schedule posts
-possibly trying to create a media kit so I can attempt to garner sponsors (though I feel that I don't have "enough" readers and I would remain selective because I believe in keeping things relevant)
-trying to get a new perspective on life (though I suppose this isn't the type of thing you can even try to attempt)

It's almost 3AM, and I'm tired, yes. But I feel that I'd be restless should I try to sleep. So here I am.

xox Catherine

PS If you want more photos from the Chictopia10 event, please feel free to email me at and I'll try to send some I think you'd like as soon as possible.