Monday, February 22, 2010

F/W RTW 2011... and not that.

As you all know, I don't like winter. As much as I enjoy clothes, I find it so much easier to get into spring/summer collections vs. their cold weather counterparts.

So in this post, I'll go backwards - all the way back to...

3.1 Phillip Lim, Resort 2009

I saw this dress before I was interested in style/fashion to the extent I am now, but I think it's perfect. Yes, it's from a long while ago. But I'm trying to get in the mood for spring...

so, some from 3.1 Phillip Lim, Resort 2010

Yes, I'm late. But I want to be outfitted like this all spring. Especially the look all the way to the right. I think a DIY of some sort might be in order.

Now, shall I get to what's new and exciting?...

Rodarte F/W 2011 RTW

I love that these are uplifting and not traditionally "fall." Usually fall=plaid, wool, etc. But it's still not quite spring. I'm feeling this. Rodarte is always a bit out there for my taste - usually I keep it simple. But these colors are magnificent, inspiring, etc.

Charlotte Ronson F/W 2011 RTW

More fall florals. This is tolerable, and doesn't make me totally hate the concept of fall, but it's not necessarily innovative. But that brings me to something I frequently wonder - why must everything push boundaries? Sometimes it's nice to settle into one spot and work it.

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So I've just done what fashion bloggers all over the world have done - give their insight on the latest collections. I suppose I'm just thinking about everything on from a very personal standpoint, which is what I've been doing with everything lately.

xox Catherine

PS More later?

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  1. That green dress is so sweet, definitely a timeless piece you can always pull out come warm weather!



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