Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's just another story.

Cardigan - Forever 21, dress - flea market, tshirt (underneath) - H&M, necklace - mom, bracelets - flea market/antique store, shoes - Dolce Vita.

Today wasn't that bad either. I got through my classes fine, I had two periods of art, and I'm almost completely caught up on what I've been not doing. The weather is nice and I'm content. And I made brownies (for my mom's birthday!). I'm convinced a day with brownies involved simply cannot be bad. I suppose there's things that could bring me down, but I'm not letting them, not today.

Tomorrow is picture day! But don't expect a post because I have work immediately after school. But you never know... sometimes I surprise myself. I wasn't planning on dressing nicely today, honestly. I wanted to just wear Chucks, but I decided the weather was too nice to waste. These sandals were fine, despite my blisters (from wearing new/new-ish heels the two previous days).

I hope you're all well. And since I have a light load of homework tonight, I'll get back to all of your comments. xox Catherine


  1. My picture day was the second day of school. How crazy is that? I like that dress.

  2. your outfit looks so perfectly suited for two periods of art. oh, and now you've got me craving brownies! yum!

  3. great Outfit!!!

    thanks for the congratulations!! :)

  4. what a neat dress! i like the zipper detail!

  5. Love love love the dress!
    And you're right, any day with brownies can't be bad.


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