Monday, March 23, 2009

What I'm Wearing

Jacket - Urban, tshirt - American Apparel, jeans - Delias, shoes - Journey's

Agh, my computer is being so slow and I didn't get on until 9pm.

So, I debuted my jacket today! Sadly it was far too warm in school to wear it all day. I'm not sure if that's part of the leather jacket-ettiquite, but I love it so I wouldn't mind wearing it just about every day. I'm so strange, I would get a (faux, of course) leather jacket in spring. But hey, maybe I'll have some fun nighttime adventures? I hope so...

All of these pictures are kind of silly, actually. My mom was looking out the window when I took the first one so I guess I made a face at her. But this is a typical Catherine face as I'd call it, so it's cool.

Oh, and here's an adorable picture of my cat, Ashley:

Normally she runs away if I ever try to take pictures of her, but I guess she didn't care enough to get up. Ha. She's probably the only being I've met that I could never even consider feeling negatively towards.

Last little bit, I promise... my birthday is in three days! I still haven't told anyone what I wanted (with the exception of my jacket), I'm so bad at that. I'm three chapters in to my driver's book, so needless to say I won't take my permit test on my birthday, but I'm okay with that. I'm just looking for a job.


  1. I'm also wanting a job! But I haven't even went out and looked for one yet :P I'm too busy with life and changes! I love this jacket, I'm looking for one but have had little luck! you look beautiful, as always

    Hope to hear from you!
    love always !!

  2. what a great jacket! =)

  3. Simple and chic outfit! I love that gives the right edge to the whole look:) :*
    ah! and you;ve god such an adorable cat:)

  4. i LOVE your jacket. and your CAT. soo cute:0

  5. lovely outfit, I especially like the jacket!!


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