Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'll be completely honest - I feel like I'm the same age, and today was not that extraordinary. My morning started out pretty badly, my day was usual, I came home and had a hugeee meltdown (I'm being honest...) because something at that time ruined my day (hence why I have no outfit pictures today), I calmed myself down, I put icing on my cake, I prepared my dinner. My day was better ever since I began to prepare the food. And for dinner I had vegan crab cakes, and I am being completely honest, they were amaazing. Took more preparation than I'm used to, and my mom made most of it, but so worth it. And now I'm incredibly confused because people's actions don't match up with what's supposed to be real...

Well, here's a little something I find very aesthetically pleasing:

from Elle, April 2009.

The colors in the first are so awesome. Love it!


  1. happy birthday to you!
    happy birthday to you!
    happy birthday dear silhouette girl...
    happy birthday to you!

    awesome pictures!

  2. happy birthday dear! that's a lovely inspirational picture! =)

  3. sorry for being a bit late, but Happy B-day to you:***


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